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Alternative names are Sarcoid, Besnier-Boeck disease or Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease.

Abnormal lumps or nodules (granulomas) form in one or more organs of the body and they can change the function of the affected organ.  Sarcoidosis is understood to be an autoimmune disease where the body's normal response system becomes confused, the immune cells group together into granulomas instead of taking on their normal role in fighting infection.  Granulomas most often appear in the lungs or the lymph nodes but other organs can be affected. 

Sarcoidosis can cause sudden onset facial paralysis although patients often recover over a period of time.

Heerfordt's syndrome

Heerfordt's syndrome is a rare manifestation of Sarcoidosis, symptoms include inflammation of the eye, swelling of the parotid gland, chronic fever, and in some cases, facial nerve palsy.

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