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How to Tape your Eye closed at night

It can be helpful to tape the eye shut at night but there is a knack to getting this right. Here are the instructions: -

  • Put a small strip of lacrilube into the affected eye prior to taping, this helps keep the eye lubricated
  • The best tape to use is made by 3m and called Blenderm surgical tape, this is not the same as micropore tape, use the 25mm x 5m and 50mm x 5m sizes (see an alternative dressing also recommended below)
  • Start with the large 50mm tape and cut off about 10cm
  • Place it on a flat surface sticky side up
  • From the 25mm roll cut off 5cm
  • Stick the 25mm piece to the large piece of tape directly in the middle so the two sticky sides meet, this is to keep any sticky tape away from the eye should it touch the eyeball for any reason
  • Pick up the tape and stick one corner to the bridge of the nose directly in the middle of your eyes gradually go over the top of your eyebrow then down the side of your eye before going across the cheek finishing along the nose
  • This keeps the moisture in and stops the eye drying out at night while stopping any dust or skin getting in
  • It is described as a mini greenhouse

Information supplied by Mark M 

Nexcare Tegaderm Transparent Dressing

This an alternative sterile dressing which has also been recommended for taping the eye down at night, which allows the skin to breathe.  It is quite expensive but can often be bought at lower prices on eBay.

Nexcare Tegaderm Transparent Dressing

Information supplied by Heidi S

Alternative ways of taping the eyes closed

This video on the Facial Palsy UK charity website shows another way of taping the eyes closed.